Our Approach

We believe that good design should be affordable and easy. A logo or website is something a business owner should be proud of and excited about. We work one on one with each and every client to ensure that your final design is exactly what you need.

Our Story

HoneyB LLC is small business started by designer Amanda Biddenback out of her home in Burlington Junction, Missouri.

It started out as not a business at all – just a designer helping out her friends once in a while. Then it grew and Amanda started taking on more and more freelance projects. She always dreamed of being a full time graphic designer, but she didn’t want to move to the city. That leaves few options for a small town creative! She decided it was time to start up her own design business on the side as she continues to work toward someday being a full time designer/developer.

Meet the Team

Amanda Biddenback

Founder & CEO

As well as being the founder and CEO, Amanda is also the primary designer of HoneyB LLC. She graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with her degree in graphic design. Though her formal education was primarily in static design, she has worked hard to continue her education to include many areas like website development and programming.


Next Steps…

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